Sunday, September 15, 2013

Your Song with JC

Today, Jean Carlos from Community of Unity (CoU) will be in class to talk to us about his interpretation of "Song." JC is a New Design graduate and now teaches for CoU at New Design.  He also was the Head Counselor at Steve's Camp.  A free summer camp for all New Design High School students.  You can learn more about them and the song on this video.

After his talk today, please ready this below from CoU.  Then, tweet what you makes you unique.  Here are some guidelines from Media Bistro about how to write a professional tweet.  They advise to:

  1. Think Like Your Readers
  2. Use Consistent Excellence To Stand Out From The Crowd
  3. Sell The Headline (In A Non-Salesman Way)
  4. Use Correct Punctuation
  5. Accept Nothing Less Than Flawless Grammar And Perfect Spelling
  6. Observe The Magic Retweet Number
  7. Shorten All Links With (And Nothing Else)
Conclusion - Twitter is supposed to be fun, and doing everything by the book, or in a very methodical or rule-driven way, can sometimes make it seem just a little bit too much like hard work.
However, if you really want to succeed on the network, then you’re going to have to put in that little bit of extra effort. If you want to be consistently excellent then I’m afraid you will have to work hard – at least until it becomes second-nature. Few people are naturally wonderful, certainly all of the time.  Trust me: it’s worth the sweat. Once you see the benefits that great headline copy, can’t missunselling techniques and first-class grammar and punctuation can make to your Twitter presence and impact – as well as your website traffic, and sales – you’ll never again settle for anything less than the perfect tweet.

Written by Community of Unity

The SONG, your SONG, is beautiful, and powerful and it is truly yours. Like a fingerprint or a snowflake, no two SONGS are the same. Your SONG is a part of what you are and who you are. It is with you, guiding you, challenging you through your life, providing opportunities to share and live your SONG as fully as possible through the choices you make.

Although every SONG is different, they are all played with the same seven INSTRUMENTS that each and every human is in possession of and has the ability to play. We play them by making choices. A choice that awakens and shares our SONG is a choice made with one or more of the seven INSTRUMENTS.

The seven INSTRUMENTS are: Self-Awareness, Self-Esteem, Sense of Humor, Empathy, Integrity, Focus, and Responsibility. When we make a choice using one of these INSTRUMENTS, we experience and express our authentic self, a sense of connectedness, and ultimately the success and fulfillment that we are searching for.

These seven INSTRUMENTS are the building blocks to success and fulfillment in all aspects of a person’s life. They are the bedrock that must be firmly in place in order to develop the values, beliefs, ideas, and personality traits that are expressed in our SONG. The INSTRUMENTS are also the vessels or containers that hold our SONG.When you are living true to your SONG, you know it. You feel it. You are at peace. You are consistent and clear and not filled with self-doubt. You don’t judge and blame others or yourself. Instead, you appreciate your life and those you are sharing it with. You know who you are. You can sing our own unique SONG with power, freedom and joy. You have awakened your authentic self, and life is good.


These are the human INSTRUMENTS with which we all play and share our SONG. With these INSTRUMENTS, young people have the skills they need to successfully manage life’s challenges. When the INSTRUMENTS are awakened and developed, a person will have the essential skills they need to successfully manage life’s challenges and to awaken their true unique potential. These seven INSTRUMENTS are the building blocks to success and fulfillment in life.

1. SELF- AWARENESS is the ability to know the value you add to your world.

2. SELF-ESTEEM gives you the understanding that your thoughts, actions, and words, have an effect on other people, your surroundings, and on the life unfolding in front of you.

3. SENSE OF HUMOR is the ability to know that you can experience life with warmth, lightness and joy; and that you can express yourself in these ways as well.

4. EMPATHY is the ability to know that you can understand, to a point, the experiences of others—that other people have similar experiences and emotions, good and bad.

5. INTEGRITY is the ability to know that there can be a consistency between your thoughts, actions, and words, and your personal beliefs of what is right and wrong.

6. RESPONSIBILITY is knowing your role in creating the texture of our life from momen=t to moment through our thoughts, actions and words. The enemy of responsibility is “The Blame Game”.

7. FOCUS is knowing that you can set goals and accomplish them, with time and effort— understanding that life is a process, that you can envision desirable outcomes within the process, and that through effort you can manifest them.

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