Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Thursday, September 11th - Inocente's Song

Inocente Official Trailer from Shine Global on Vimeo.

Mediastorm New Design is a "maker" course centered around students creating media based on their “Song”. It is believed that each person has a distinctive “Song” that is his or hers alone. The focus of this class is to help students discover and get in touch with their “Song,” as well as help navigate the waters that will allow them to "sing that song" to the best of their abilities. The course will help students explore the different life skills needed to attune such as sense of humor, self-awareness, responsibility, self-esteem, empathy, integrity and focus. Students will be asked to bring something into existence (make) a media product that reflects their “Song.”

INOCENTE, an intensely personal coming-of-age documentary about a vibrant Latina teenage artist from a dauntingly tough background in San Diego who refuses to allow her struggles with poverty and homelessness to get in the way of her extraordinary talent.  Her song is incredibly strong.

The film was made by Shine Global.  SG is dedicated to ending the abuse and exploitation of children worldwide through the production of films and other media that raise awareness, promote action and inspire political change.  Since 2005, Shine Global has given voice to some of the world’s most at-risk children, shared their stories, inspired millions of viewers, and won more than 20 major film awards, including an Academy Award nomination and Best Director Documentary at Sundance.  Their first movie, WAR DANCE, tells the stories of three children in the northern Uganda war zone who found hope and renewal in a national dance competition.

Here is what they are working on now:

Selling Our Daughters - in Development Trailer from Shine Global on Vimeo.

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