Mediastorm New Design is a media maker course centered around students creating media based on their “Song”.  It is believed that each person has a distinctive “Song” that is his or hers alone.  The focus of this class is to help students discover and get in touch with their “Song,” as well as help navigate the waters that will allow them to sing that song to the best of their abilities.  The course will help students explore the different life skills needed to attune such as sense of humor, self-awareness, responsibility, self-esteem, empathy, integrity and focus.  Students will be asked to bring something into existence (make) a media product that reflects their “Song.”  THe course will help students learn and examine the history and current landscape of the media with a focus on transmedia.  Transmedia storytelling is a technique of telling a single story or story experience across multiple platforms and formats using current digital technologies.  Students will be asked to create content that engages an audience in their daily lives using various techniques.  Stories will be developed across multiple forms of media to deliver the content.  The content will need to be synchronized and linked together in each media channel.  The course will use a flipped classroom model and be heavily influenced by design based thinking, the maker movement and social media innovation.