Sunday, November 17, 2013

Localore: Have You Considered Radio

This Is Localore from AIR on Vimeo.

Localore helps innovation at public radio and TV stations with a "full spectrum" model that blends on-air, screen, and street media.  Check out their documentary as well as their site.

Here are some of the Localore Projects:

The Making of....from the Folks at KQED in the Bay Area of California
Here Here Pop Up Radio Project:  Stories About Your Neighborhood Oakland and San Francisco
Sonic Trance:  Stories from LA's Immigrants Stories
I See Change:  Crowdsourcing Community Climate Change
Black Gold Boom:  How Oil Changed North Dakota
Zed Omegas:  High School Dropouts or....
Curious City:  Crowdsourcing in Chicago
Austin Music Map
Reinvention Stories:  Stories from Dayton, Ohio
Planet Takeout:  Boston

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