Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Jo Jo and New Design

Joanne and Rocketboom at New Design

Joanne Colan has a wikipedia site.  She has been an MTV VJ, host of the vlog Rocketboom and most recently the co-host of the Discovery's show "Dean of Invention" alongside Dean Kamen.
Today she will be talking to Mediastorm about her upcoming transmedia project, Eventually, which documents people who has are dealing with loss, death and dying. The project description is:

Our stories, about loss, death and dying are a critical part of our collective experience. Eventually is a serial documentary for the web comprising video, audio, and written testimonials from people who have experienced the death of a loved on and are able to talk about this difficult, often transformative and intimately personal undertaking. Sharing these stories provides comfort and meaning to those of us coping with loss. For everyone else, the testimonials offer a compelling glimpse into what we will all come to know, eventually.

Each testimonial will appear on the Eventually website as a stand-alone piece of content to be considered away from community feedback or advertising. The site design will feature a hand painted landscape and animated sky that transforms in real time from day to night. The site will be a serene and contemplative place to visit.

Joanne will talking to Mediastorm New Design today about the project, setting up shoots, the secrets behind intervewing people as well as the state of affairs of the transmedia world.  After her presentation she will be interviewing two New Design students for Eventually.


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