Monday, February 3, 2014

Quarter 3: Pre Production Planning and Production

Quarter 3 will be focused on pre production planning and production of your projects.  A transmedia approach means a parallel production process.  For our sakes in class that means that production must happen while pre-production planning takes place.

Step 1:  Articulate Final Project
Step 2:  Map Out Pre-Production Steps
Step 3:  Begin Production 
Step 4:  Promote Project Throughout Process on Twitter and Other Social Media Sites
Step 5:  4th Quarter:  Revision, Promotion and Interactivity

Preproduction formally begins once a project has been greenlit. At this stage, finalizing preparations for production go into effect.  During pre-production the prodcution process is broken down into individual peices and a timeline is scheduled and calendared.  

The process often begins with a demo.


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