Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Daily Twist

Oreo Daily Twist Case Study from Megan Sheehan on Vimeo.

Kraft Foods, which makes Oreo cookies, and a team of agencies has been finding out since late June when they began collaborating on a campaign for the brand called Daily Twist — a riff on the “twist, lick and dunk” ritual followed by many Oreo fans. The campaign is offering a whimsical, humorous or eye-catching ad each day to the more than 27.9 million people who “like” Oreo on Facebook; the daily ad can also be seen on oreo.com, Pinterest and Twitter.

The subjects of the Daily Twist ads have so far included gay pride, Elvis Presley Week, Bastille Day, the Mars rover, Talk Like a Pirate Day, the introduction of the Apple iPhone 5 and the Emmy Awards.

Check out the Oreo Daily Twist

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