Sunday, December 15, 2013

Web Doc Manifesto

The Web Documentary Manifesto was released last April through Zeega which, inspired from Soviet filmmaker Dziga Vertov's early writings, called for "a revolution" in storytelling:
  • One, time to bring storytelling and storytellers to the web.
  • Two, it is time to turn the web into an interactive audiovisual medium made by everyone
  • Three, it is time, fellow comrades, for a revolution!"
Zeega allows the user to use any media in the cloud to transform the entire screen into your playground, and share your interactive creations with the world.  The Zeega blog says:  Created by a global community, Zeegas are a new form of interactive media. Some Zeegas are funny. Others are sad. A Zeega can be anything you imagine.   We’re living in a unique moment. More media than ever is recorded and shared. But the web today is dominated by a few platforms - all stories start to feel the same, trapped in rigid boxes and long lists. Zeega is ushering in an era when the web becomes an interactive, audiovisual medium made by everyone.

Check out:  

For a deeper transmedia experience check out:  Waterlife 

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