Friday, October 25, 2013

Pecha Kucha Matthew G

Matthew Goris Pechu Kechu from Mediastorm New Design on Vimeo.

Check out Matthew Goris Pecha Kucha presentation on his "Song." Matthew decided to mask his "Song." into the project his is doing.

Here is from his proposal:

Title of Project: Success Reacher
Description of the Project: Success Reacher is a book about a young man trying to be successful in life.
Artist Statement: The author of Success Reacher is going to keep what’s going to happen in the story a secret, but he’ll say a couple things about the book. It’s about a kid that tries to reach success, but there are so many things that he goes through that angers him, and depresses him, that can prevent him from ever succeeding in life. When he finally has reached success he’s made a big decision that involves his parents. He also has a family of his own. At the end of the book he’s going to share out what’s his biggest fear.

One of the Milestones for 1st Quarter is the Pecha Kucha presentation. It includes a finaly slide show, recorded over and uploaded to our class Vimeo site.  Matthew used Screen Cast O Matic to record his presentation.  He can help you if you need it.  Presentations are due by November 8th.

Here is the Vimeo Mediastorm Site
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